Difference between CV and Resume.

Most of the students might have heard of the both the words CV and Resume. But as majority of them  might not be knowing the real difference between them.

According to Wiki, CV(Curriculum Vitae) gives overview of person's experience and qualifications where as Resume is a document used by persons to present  their backgrounds and skills.

But this is not enough to understand the difference between these words which are one of the most important words for students while applying for jobs and campus interviews.


CV is document which may be of two or more pages and  which contains detailed information about your achievement and much more than just career biography. CV includes Education, Awards, Honors, etc.

CV is a static document and it does not change for different positions. The cover letter will include difference.


Resume is document which is not more then one page because the reader  will not read it for very long. The main goal of resume is to make an individual look different from  the competition.

Resume should be adapted according to job position to apply for. The Resume differs for different jobs even for the same person applying for it. A Resume does not cover your whole career and it is highly customizable document.

In-Short Difference

There are 3 major differences between CV and Resume.

1. Length.

Resume is summary of skills and experiences not more than two pages where as CV is contains more details and may be of more than two pages.

2. Purpose.

Resume will be changed for every positions while CV will remain as it is but the changes would be made in cover letter.

3. Layout.

CV has a clear and ordered listing of whole career of an individual where as Resume will be shuffled for best suiting the applicant.

How long should Resume be ?
  • Should be not more than two pages.
  • For executive, upto three pages are effective.
  • A bunch of pages for Scientific and Academic Jobs.

What is Cover Letter ?

Cover letter is a document which is sent with your Resume which provide additional information of your skills and experiences.
An Employer uses cover letter to filter the applicants for available jobs and also to determine which candidate they would like to interview.

Stuffs included in Cover Letter

Detailed information on why you are qualified for the job for which you are applying.
The reasons for which you are interested in the specific company or organization and your most important skills and experiences.

AnTuTu Officer : Check whether Phone is Real or Fake.

Today, there are lots of fake copies of mobile phones available in market and which cannot be identified because there are very minor difference between the original and the fake one.

See the fake iPhone 5S which is worth $7.99.

So, AnTuTu which is very much famous for its Benchmark Tests, has released an app AnTuTu Officer with which you can identify whether you are scammed for your phone or have got an real one.

First you have to download Android App from Google Play and then go to and scan the QR code. Now the AnTuTu Officer will scan for the detailed information about the device. After the testing, visit back the site to know your results. You will see information about your device and one based on AnTuTu Server.

This app will be very much helpful if you buy your devices from online markets like flipkart , scapdeal, eBay.

If your devices fails to install any AnTuTu app or fails to scan the QR Code and there is a high possobility that your device is fake.

AnTuTu Officer (Google Play) : AnTuTu Officer

For detailed video : How to check whether your device is real or fake.

Top 5 Games for PCs.

There is no one who don't like to play games even if he don't have the required components to play it he would play it wherever he gets like borrowing from a friend or on his PC or laptop.

Today the addiction to Games has increased tremendously and day by day new games come with a huge fan following. Here I come up with the Top 5 Games till 31st September 2014.

I am also a game addict and I am not at all responsible if you get addicted to any one of the game from below.!!

1. WatchDogs

If you have the sufficient platform so this game is supported on your device then once you must play this game.

ScreenShots :

Windows 10 : Will it save Microsoft's Sinking Ship

Microsoft has just released the technical preview of it's new operating system i.e. Windows 10. After the launch of Windows 8 and 8.1, Microsoft was not making good. But lets wait whether Windows 10 bring back Microsoft.

If you want to download and install the Technical Preview then visit Install Technical Preview of Windows 10

Features of Windows 10 :

Start Menu : Most of the users are familier with the Start Menu of Windows 7. In Windows 8, Microsoft removed that but after that they found their mistake so here the Start Menu makes it return in Windows 10. Now you  are provided with the space which you can customize your favourite apps as well as Live Tiles.

Source : Microsoft

Everything Runs in Windows : Earlier the Apps downloaded from Windows Store run in a different window which cannot be re-sized but in the update all the apps even which are downloaded from Windows Store will run as Desktop apps and can be re-sized and moved around and will have title bar with minimize, maximize and close buttons.

Source : Microsoft

Multi-Window : Windows 10 come up with the power of Multi Windows as well. For those using Galaxy Device from Samsung, Multi Window is known. Now one can have four apps running at the same time snapped in new four quadrant layout. Windows will suggest other apps and programs running for additional snapping and will even give smart suggestions on filling available screen space with other running applications.

Source : Microsoft

Source : Microsoft

Task View Button : Taskbar is provided with all new Task view button which can be used for quick switching betwwen open files and quick access to any desktop user have created.

Multiple Desktops : Until now one use different profiles for their work and for personal use, but now you can create desktops for different purposes and project and easily switch between them and can resume work where you left from.

Source : Microsoft

Search is made Quicker : File Explorer will now display recent files and frequently visited folders making you find your files you have worked on easier and quicker.

Install Technical Preview of Windows 10

Microsoft just launched Windows 10 which is the best OS from Microsoft according to them. The Public version will almost take 2015 to reach but here is the way you can enjoy the latest version of Windows before it reaches out to public.

Here are few things you need to know about Windows 10 :

I advise not to install it on your primary computer or laptop because it might have some of bugs(so called problems in simple language).Better to use VMware or Virtual Box to install and taste the new flavors from Microsoft.

Firstly you need to download the ISO file of the OS. I can provide you with my ISO which i got from Microsoft, but why not get your own licensed ISO when Microsoft provides it for free.

2) Click on "Get Started" and then "Join now" to join Insider Program.

3) Click Install Technical Preview.

4) Scroll down and select the file according to your location and use.

5) Let the file be downloaded and saved somewhere and now here is the video to help installing Windows 10 in Vmware. The same procedure is for virtual box.