Keep Away from Scams

Now-a-Days we come across many sites through sharing on social networks and other Social Media like WhatsApp and around 20% of them are Scams.Some are ads while some are sites which require login through facebook and when you try to enter your loginn details ,sites takes you to fake page know as Phishing Page and You unknowingly enter your details which are passed to the owner of that login page and thus your private and social life gets hacked or your details are stolen.

Here are some of the ways to prevent from the theft of your personal information.

1) Use AntiVirus 

Using Licensed AntiVirus will be very much useful to get Internet Security and thus can secure your Bank Account Details and other precious Informations.If you used a cracked version of Antivirus then it will not provide you security which the licensed version will provide.

Here are some suggestion which you can consider within best prices.

        1. BitDefender
         Here are some of the best packages to buys AntiVirus with maximum benefits.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 1-PC 1-Year with 4 GB microSD Card

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 1-PC 1-Year (Buy 1 License Get 1 Free and 1 Year Free Mobile Security)

        2. Kaspersky 

          I you have more than one PCs or devices then this would be the best deal for your case.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 1-PC 3-Year


         3. Norton

Norton AntiVirus 1-PC 1-Year

         4. Windows Defender

           If you are a windows users then you can get AntiVirus free of cost but this will not include internet security.

2) Check for Scam Sites.

If you don't want to spend money on antivirus then you can see for the site you have doubt on whether the sites is scam or not.This will provide you the most details about the site which is enough to know whether the site is fake (scam) or not.


3) Keep away from fake software and downloaders.

While searching for some free softwares and cracks for paid software, you might come under the situation which tells you to first download their downloader and then download your desired software through that downloader.Try to keep away from such things because that downloaders download some other software and reduces the performances of your device and also changes your default browser settings like home page and search engine,etc.This are called Spyware and Adwares.

If you come under such situation here are some ways to get rid of such Spywares and Adwares.

Get rid of Spywares and Adwares

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