Fastest and Easiest Way to root Android Device.

Most of the android users will be familiar with rooting.Rooting is same as iPhone user Jail-Break their devices.Rooting removes the protection or lock set by the companies to the devices.Once you get root access, you can get full access of your device and fell the full power of your device or can even get more power through some safe tweaking.

There are lots of android devices available in the market from many manufactures.Here are some of the most popular ways of rooting your devices from famous manufacturers like SamsungSony , LG , HTC , Gionee , etc.

1. Framaroot

The most easiest way to root your android devices is using Framaroot. Framaroot is a one click application you can use to root your device.It uses several exploits named after heroes of the book "The Lord of the Rings".You can install SuperSU and SU binary if your device is running on Android Version 2.x to 4.x.There is a long list of compitable devices which can be rooted using Framaroot.

Supported Devices & Way to Root :

Goto Framaroot to check whether your device is supported by framaroot and know the process of  rooting.

2. Towelroot

Towelroot is another alternative to Framaroot and can be used to root many Sony and other devices with Unlocked Bootloader.

1. Download Towelroot from here.
2. Install it and open it.
3. Click on "make it ra1n".
4. Follow the on screen instruction and you are done.
5. Install/Update SuperSU from Play Store.

These were the common method for rooting most Android Devices.
If your device does not support above methods here is the way to root your device.

1. Samsung Devices.

If you own a samsung device then you can use ODIN to flash a file to root your device.ODIN is a flash tool used to flash most of all Samsung devices.You need to pre install Samsung USB drivers which are found in Samsung Kies to successfully run ODIN.

1. Download ODIN.
2. Extract it and run it as an admnistrative.
3. You need to search for a file particular for your device which can be used for rooting.
4. Reboot your phone into "Download mode" by pressing Volume Down + Power + Home button.
5. Connect your device through USB cable and let ODIN read your device.

Note: If your screen does not appear similar to above one, then try a different port and make sure Kies is not running in background and Use Authorized USB cable provided by the manufacturer.

6. Only check "Auto Reboot" and "F. Reset Time".

7. Select the file in PDA option which you downloaded by searching for your device.

8. Click Start and follow the instruction provided in the window at the bottom-left corner in odin.

2. Other devices with locked bootloader.

Device from Sony , Nexus , HTC come with lock bootloader.You need to unlock the bootloader for your device and then either use Framaroot or Towelroot.

HTC : Unlock Bootloader for HTC device. 

Sony : Unlock Bootloader of Sony Devices. 

Nexus : Unlock Bootloader for Nexus 5.

LG : LG Bootloader unlock.

Sorce : XDA

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