Difference between CV and Resume.

Most of the students might have heard of the both the words CV and Resume. But as majority of them  might not be knowing the real difference between them.

According to Wiki, CV(Curriculum Vitae) gives overview of person's experience and qualifications where as Resume is a document used by persons to present  their backgrounds and skills.

But this is not enough to understand the difference between these words which are one of the most important words for students while applying for jobs and campus interviews.


CV is document which may be of two or more pages and  which contains detailed information about your achievement and much more than just career biography. CV includes Education, Awards, Honors, etc.

CV is a static document and it does not change for different positions. The cover letter will include difference.


Resume is document which is not more then one page because the reader  will not read it for very long. The main goal of resume is to make an individual look different from  the competition.

Resume should be adapted according to job position to apply for. The Resume differs for different jobs even for the same person applying for it. A Resume does not cover your whole career and it is highly customizable document.

In-Short Difference

There are 3 major differences between CV and Resume.

1. Length.

Resume is summary of skills and experiences not more than two pages where as CV is contains more details and may be of more than two pages.

2. Purpose.

Resume will be changed for every positions while CV will remain as it is but the changes would be made in cover letter.

3. Layout.

CV has a clear and ordered listing of whole career of an individual where as Resume will be shuffled for best suiting the applicant.

How long should Resume be ?
  • Should be not more than two pages.
  • For executive, upto three pages are effective.
  • A bunch of pages for Scientific and Academic Jobs.

What is Cover Letter ?

Cover letter is a document which is sent with your Resume which provide additional information of your skills and experiences.
An Employer uses cover letter to filter the applicants for available jobs and also to determine which candidate they would like to interview.

Stuffs included in Cover Letter

Detailed information on why you are qualified for the job for which you are applying.
The reasons for which you are interested in the specific company or organization and your most important skills and experiences.


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