Microsoft Acquired Minecraft for $2.5 Billion

The latest new coming in the tech world is that Microsoft has acquired Minecraft for $2.5 Billion. Microsoft has agreed to buy the hit videogame "Minecraft" but the startup's founder and top executive won'tbe joining. 

The deal of Microsoft with Mojang AB will give Microsoft many loyal and young following. But still Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft Corporation said that the company still need to double on what Microsoft does its best selling software to companies.

Mojang has earned more then $100 Million profit by selling Minecraft and its related merchandise to Microsoft. Mojang has only about 40 employees and Mr. Persson and other two executives as the only shareholders and board members.

According to the sorces, Mojang team will join Microsoft Studios but the Founder Mr. Persson, Chief Executive Carl Manneh and Jakob Porser will not join Microsoft while starting their own new project.

Minecraft was lunched in 2009, has sold more then 50 million copies for PCs, Smartphones and videogame console like Xbox. The game is very much popular among middle school childrens and very large number of fans who are eager for the chance to built their own world from Lego in digital form. 

Microsoft has confirmed that Mojang and Minecraft will still be able to make games available for Android, iOS, PlayStation as well as other gaming platforms like Xbox and PCs.

Here are the link to download Minecraft for different platforms.

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